Unique Wedding Cakes

There is no doubt that wedding patisserie has been influenced by the world of fashion and it  has undergone an enormous alteration in the last years.  Nowadays,anything can be made in cake.

Wedding cake just like wedding dress is one of the important and indispensable part of the memorable day and is also most photographed.  Everyone will remember the look and taste of the cake and certainly how big it was.

Cakes are being glorius with decorative lace work, ruffles,sugar pearls, flowers which give them a modern style  while some brides prefer to use elements from their exqusite dress, jewellery, shoes to match details with the cake.  This couture designs are very popular.  Traditional floral designs are also still common and appropraite choice for bridal couple as flowers are mostly essential part of the decoration of the wedding venue.

Couture, rustic, vintage, fancy designs, ruffles, flowers, lace, black and white, pink, blue, orange, etc., the possibilities are endless!

If you need a little inspiration to make your day more spectacular, have a look a selection of amazing and elegant cakes!


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